11 Jaw Dropping Facts About Scotland Especially the One About A Portal to Another Universe


9Blue lights

In an attempt to improve the overall look of Glasgow, blue-colored lights were installed on the streets of the city. However, it was discovered by the media that because of these lights an interesting trend began wherein the number of crimes and attempts to commit suicide drastically decreased.

Image Source: brightside.me

Blue was also adopted by the Japanese

As per psychologists who attribute this to the fact that the blue color is often associated with the police, it might have been causing people to act more cautiously. This style was later adopted by the Japanese who effectively began using it.


Image Source: wsj.net

10A country of islands

Scotland also consists of many islands, in total 790 islands but only 99 of them are inhabited by people. While the main part of the population inhabit the northern part of the Great Britain islands, the other islands are mainly used for fishing or are simply abandoned.


Image Source: uagolos.com

11Bonnybridge, the UFO village

Interesting among facts about Scotland is Bonnybridge village which is otherwise known as the local “portal to another universe” is a popular destination not only for tourists but also for aliens as well, who supposedly like to come visit every once in a while. Around 300 people claim to have seen a UFO here in this village every year, and these numbers of sightings are far higher than anywhere else in the world. In fact, almost every second resident has probably seen something resembling a UFO at least once.


Image Source: www.cabroworld.com


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