11 Jaw Dropping Facts About Scotland Especially the One About A Portal to Another Universe


Scotland, to us is just a country that’s always fighting for its independence, but how much do we actually know about this country? Besides what Scotland is renowned for such as its bagpipes, kilts, and excellent whiskey, it is also an interestingly unique and authentic place. Here are some interesting jaw-dropping facts about Scotland you may have never heard about:

1 Nessie and Morag

The famous Loch Ness is located in Scotland which is said to be inhabited by the imaginary (or real) Loch Ness monster or Nessie. But, few people have heard the legend of the sibling of Nessie which according to legend inhabits Loch Morar Lake. There has been 34 sightings of the monster named Morag and half of these recorded sighting have more than one witness. Since Loch Ness has been investigated by so many people already her existence probably came into being in the much bigger yet less popular Loch Morar.

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2The country of redheads

Among facts about Scotland, in other countries around the world the ratio of red-haired people is about 1%-2%, except in Scotland. The ratio of red-heads in this country is 13%. Every family can have a redhead baby thanks to genetics in this country. According to researchers, the people with this hair color and fair skin are able to obtain more vitamin D from the sun which is quite important since Scotland’s weather is mostly gloomy.

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3 “Not proven” is a possible verdict that can be used in court

Scotland’s judiciary system has approved of 3 verdicts: guilty, not guilty, and not proven; since the 17th century. Even if the court is sure of a defendant’s innocence or guilt, if they can’t prove it then it is considered exculpatory and hence, not proven. There are many for and against this system, but the necessity of the ‘not prove’ verdict is crucial in the case of arguments being equal on both sides.

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4True Scotsman’

The question of whether to wear underwear or not underneath kilts in Scotland is met with a special attitude. The initial tradition was that kilts were put on naked bodies and were worn in the army and those who followed this tradition were known as “True Scotsmen”. Before, soldiers were subjected to inspection for the presence of underwear underneath their kilts. Those who were caught wearing underwear had to surrender their underwear. However, these checks soon started to be regarded as harassment and overtime numerous awkward situations forced the Scots to permit the wearing of underwear under their kilts.

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