17 Incredible Pictures of Rarely Seen Things That Will Amaze You


13A picture of the sun as seen through UV lens

This isn’t a painting; it is a picture of the sun taken through UV lens when NASA spotted strange eruptions on the sun’s surface. Series of fast puffs triggered the ejection of massive bursts of solar material from the suns’ atmosphere. The jets are localized releases of energy that spew out material from the sun into space.

Image Source: boredpanda.com

14Fin whale vertebrae beneath the water near Kongsfjorden, Norway

Now this is an unusual but amazing site. It is of course just bines, but seeing something that big truly makes you feel how tiny we all are. That is the vertebrae of a Fin Whale which is the second-largest species on earth after the blue whale.


Image Source: imgur.com

15The Blue Java Banana

Have you ever seen a blue banana? It seems unreal doesn’t it but no, that’s the Blue Java Banana that is regarded to have the same consistency as ice cream and has a vanilla flavour. They grow in parts of Asia, Australia and Hawaii.


Image Source: gstatic.com

16The legs of a cyclist after a race

Could you ever imagine that a leg would look like that? This is the calves of ex world champion cyclist Janez Beajkovic after finishing a race. It looks exceptionally weird as if the leg is only made of frames.


Image Source: pinimg.com

17Customer came in and let me take a picture of her hands that had 6 fingers on each

This isn’t an illusion and can happen to humans. In fact, Bond girl Gemma Atherton revealed that she was born with six fingers on each hand which is a condition called Polydactyl and it could be a hereditary thing. However, the condition is a rare one that affects one in 1000 people at a time.


Image Source: soooksan.com


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