17 Incredible Pictures of Rarely Seen Things That Will Amaze You


9Transparent fish

According to marine experts, this could belong to the species of fish called Salpa Maxima or even Salpa Maggiore. They are transparent fish with such features that act as defense mechanisms to protect themselves against predators. The fish-like swimming close to the surface where the sun shines and feed on plankton and organic matter.

Image Source: boredpanda.com

10140 Million Year Old, 500 Kg Dinosaur Femur Discovered In France

That’s right; this gigantic bone was uncovered by scientists very recently and is being regarded as the world’s biggest dinosaur. It has been dated to be 140 million years old and belongs to a giant sauropod. It was discovered in the Charente region of France which is region rich in dinosaur fossils.


Image Source: twimg.com

11House encased in ice and snow after the blizzard that hit Ohio

This almost looks like a sight from a movie but no, this is what nature can do to you. This house on the banks of Lake Eerie is completely frozen over and is the result of the blizzard that hit Ohio. The house has been completely encased in ice.


Image Source: pinimg.com

12Tulips growing in Snow

Well, you may have thought that once winter takes hold and there is snow everywhere around, vegetation disappears for a few months, but this will prove us all wrong because it seems these determined tulips want their day in the sun and snow isn’t going to stop them.


Image Source: redd.it


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