15 Amazing And Interesting Facts Which Will Make Your Jaw Drop With Excitement


11The real name of hashtag (#)

With the increasing use of social media networks, the symbol which we call as hashtag has come into prominence as it is used for the purpose of starting a trend. However, the reality is that the real name of this symbol is “Octothorpe”. As far as the meaning of the name is concerned, octo stands for 8 but nothing is known about the word, Thorpe.

Image Source: www.marketingmag.com.au

12Almonds belong to peach family

Almond is a fruit which is covered in a pretty hard shell and this stone fruit can be found only on the trees and shrubs which produce peaches, plums, nectarines and cherries. Almonds and the fruit of the same family can also cause same type of allergic reactions.


Image Source: www.kidjarak.com

13Rats giggle when they are tickled

It was known to scientists that rats like to be tickled on their backs and on their bellies and they let out giggles which are too high for a human to hear. The scientists were able to listen to these giggles only by using special microphones as it is impossible to hear them using just human ears.


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14Making pennies costs more than their worth

Surprising to find out but the reality is that making a one-cent coin costs more than its worth. In an article published on this matter, it was written that US Mint has suffered a loss of $69 million by making pennies. In simple words, making pennies can make a big dent in the treasure of the country.


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15Actress Betty White is older than sliced bread

Betty White, the American comedian and actress has the longest television career of 80 years and she is six years older to sliced bread which was first sold in 1928. It also resulted in the birth of a new idiom, “greatest thing since sliced bread”.


Image Source: wikimedia.org


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