15 Amazing And Interesting Facts Which Will Make Your Jaw Drop With Excitement


6Human teeth are as hard as shark teeth

Findings of new tests which were published in Journal of Structural Biology confirmed that human teeth are as strong and hard as shark teeth despite the fact that human teeth are made of mineral which is softer than the mineral found in the teeth of sharks.

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7Birds can see colors which are invisible to humans

Birds are not only able to see the familiar colors, they can also see other parts of the ultraviolet spectrum which humans are not able to see with their naked eyes. Not just this, birds also have better clarity of vision in comparison to humans but it also depends on the species of the bird.


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8Immortal jellyfish

A jellyfish has been discovered by the scientists which is immortal, it is named as Turritopsis dohrnii. Whenever it goes above its peak age, it reverses the process and enters the adolescent phase and starts its aging process once again. What is more surprising is the fact that this jellyfish can reverse its aging process not just once but many times.


Image Source: www.scienceabc.com

9Blue whales can gulp half a million calories in single mouthful

Blue whales can grow up to 25 meters and they weigh around 140 tonnes which makes them the largest and heaviest animal on Earth. The appetite is also huge just like them and they can easily swallow as much as half a million calories in just single mouthful.


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10Cows have regional accents

The accent of humans changes as per the region to which they belong but you will be surprised to know that cow also have regional accents. This was observed by the dairy farmers as they saw that their cows from different herds have different moos. This phenomenon is also present in birds as same species of birds can chirp in different styles depending upon their location.


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