15 Amazing And Interesting Facts Which Will Make Your Jaw Drop With Excitement


The world is really full of surprising and strange facts and you just need to be a little alert to know about them. If you really feel that only those know about strange or interesting things who travel a lot or study a lot, then you are wrong. There are many things happening around you which you may not have noticed but they are just amazing and exciting. Today we will tell you about 15 such facts that will make your jaw drop in excitement, for example, can you even think that giant tarantulas also keep pets just like humans but they keep frogs as their pets.

1Owning guinea pig in Switzerland

Keeping a single guinea pig as a pet is a crime in Switzerland as per an animal rights act which was introduced in 2008. As the guinea pig is a herd animal so in order to increase their quality of life, a person needs to own at least two guinea pigs together.

Image Source: www.wonderopolis.org


2The first selfie

If you think that people have started taking selfies only after they got access to a smartphone then you are completely wrong. Most probably the first selfie was taken by Robert Cornelius who snapped a self-portrait while standing in the yard of family’s lamp store in Philadelphia and all this happened in the year 1839.

Image Source: imgur.com


3Giant tarantulas and tiny frog

Tarantulas are giant spiders and they are pretty much capable of taking lives of small frogs but tarantulas keep them as pets and protect them from snakes and other hunters. In return, frogs keep the small invertebrates away from the leftover of spider’s prey and they also protect spider’s eggs from these invertebrates.

Image Source: twitter.com


4Longest time difference between birth of twins

The time difference between the birth of Amy and Katie is 87 days and they have surpassed the earlier record of the longest time difference between birth of twins which was 84 days. Parents of Amy and Katie are – mother Maria Jones-Elliot and father Chris Elliot and they are from Waterford, Ireland.

Image Source: mirror.co.uk


5Did you know how butterflies taste their food?

The beautiful butterflies whom you have seen so many times flying in the garden, taste its food with its feet. A butterfly uses its feet for tasting food because their taste buds are located there. Butterflies don’t have mouth where they can chew their food so they just stand on it and taste it.

Image Source: www.gardeners.com


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